Baby Naming Ceremony

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby in the family is a wonderful occasion. It's an opportunity to share your joy by introducing the baby to your family and friends in a memorable event for everyone to remember.

Choosing an Interfaith Celebrant to conduct your ceremony will offer you the freedom to enjoy a special service wherever and whenever it suits you. The ceremony length will depend on your choices. The naming ceremony includes some key elements but remember it is your choice and I will work with you to create what is personal and meaningful to you.

During the ceremony how much you want to say is entirely your choice. It may be that you would like the celebrant to present most of the ceremony or you may wish to include family and friends.  I will happily work with you, offering suggestions to create what will make the most enjoyable day for you, your special family and your guests

You may decide to add some music, some elements of religion or spirituality.   It's all about how you want to celebrate the naming of your child, my aim is to help you to create what is enjoyable, meaningful and in the style and manner best suited to you and your family.

Your Loved Ones

It may be that an important element of the day is to include your other children, special family members, grand-parents and friends in a special way during the ceremony. There are many ways to do so; the making of promises, readings, signing of the certificate or special naming book or other symbolic act like blessing with water or lighting candles.  I will give you ideas and you decide what will make this day personal and special.