Traditionally, in the past a local priest or a minister carried out most weddings in Scotland. In more recent times Humanist Weddings have become more popular but have all of those couples really turned away from their beliefs and religions. Well, actually I don’t think they have. In my work as a Funeral celebrant I met so many families who would tell me the same thing. ‘I don’t go to Church regularly, I don’t particularly follow any religion but I still have my own beliefs’. Some still pray to the god of their understanding and sometimes one partner follows a particular faith path while the other doesn’t follow any. So where does that leave the couples that want to get married and honour each other’s beliefs and values as individuals.

Many couples believe that it is either a completely religious ceremony or a humanist ceremony or pop down to the local registry office to have their ceremony carried out by a civil servant.  Interfaith ceremonies are an option chosen by people for a variety of reasons but more often now because it means that couples don’t have to sign up to an organisation or be a member of a local church and if they don’t share the same religion or beliefs then that is all fine too as the ceremony is tailored to meet their beliefs and values as individuals and as a couple.  What’s more, this often pleases both sides of the family and their friends recognise that the ceremony is truly about them as a couple and not an off the shelf type of wedding.

As an Interfaith Celebrant in Scotland, I can hold the ceremony anywhere the couple choose be it in a hotel, outdoors or at their local community hall and I guide the couple through the legal requirements and get the great privilege of announcing them as married in their truly unique legal wedding ceremony.

In a nutshell, Interfaith Ceremonies are for couples that want their wishes and beliefs respected if they are religious or not and the ceremony can be as fun, lighthearted, romantic or serious as they want with no restrictions.  Ceremonies are for all faiths and none it’s the way forward.