Funeral Ceremony

Funeral to arrange?

The bereavement of a family member or close friend can be overwhelming in many ways and often confusing. You have perhaps already chosen a Funeral Director to handle the legal and practical aspects and you are now looking for a Funeral Celebrant to conduct the ceremony and help guide you through this part of the service.

My aim is to take the stress out of creating a ceremony fit for your loved one, ensuring that you feel supported and the service is presented in a style and manner reflecting the spirit of the person, their life and special qualities.

You may wish to add many personal touches to the ceremony, some music, a favourite song or poem. It may be that you would like to add some element of religion, a prayer, reading or hymn. I will be there to provide you with support and guidance and whatever you select, I will help to conduct the ceremony in a natural, flowing way to ensure that your personal touches enhance the service and meet your wishes. This is your service for your loved one, it is your choices and it is your personal touches and stories that will make it special.

Funeral Ceremony Choices

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant I honour and respect people of all faiths and none. There are many people who have their own personal beliefs and would like that reflected in the service and there are many who prefer a humanistic service.

I can offer a highly personal ceremony giving you the choice to celebrate the life of your loved one. You have the choice to exclude religion or include elements of religion, creating a ceremony in line with the life, values and individuality of your loved one, family and friends. A celebration of life service.

I can create for you the ceremony of your choice.  You may choose to have a service without any religion at all or a completely religious ceremony   You may decide that you would prefer a more personal ceremony with elements of religion.  The choice is yours and my aim is to help you get the ceremony you want.

Aa your chosen Funeral Celebrant I am likely to be the key speaker at the funeral. As soon as you make contact with me I will confirm availability and be right there to support and guide you through the ceremony process.

Firstly I will arrange to meet with you and family/friends in person, I will also be available after that meeting by phone or email to discuss any details. I will listen to family and friends and gather information to allow me to prepare content for the euology. A draft euology will be sent to you for consideration, amendment if necessary and only when you are happy with it will I ask for your signed approval.

You may wish to involve other speakers to make a tribute, this is not a problem and I can guide you through many options to involve them and make their own unique contribution.