Ceremony for all

No matter what you need, be it a Wedding Celebrant, Baby Naming Celebrant or Funeral Celebrant, the ceremonies should be special, they mark occasions when we gather friends, relatives and colleagues to show our love, respect and celebrate our life journey.

Sometimes we attend a baby naming, a wedding or a funeral and we don't recognise it as being personal to the people involved. Why settle for a ceremony that doesn't suit you when you have a choice to create a personal ceremony which is meaningful and reflects the true character of the individuals.

What to expect

From the minute you contact me, I will be there to guide you through everything you need to know to make your ceremony special. I will arrange a meeting with you or if you are calling from a distance or abroad, I will happily stay in contact by telephone, email or Skype.

I will support, guide and help create a ceremony unique to you. I will gather your information on thy type of ceremony you are looking for, make recommendations if you wish and once I have sufficient information from you to create your unique service, I will complete the outline of service along with your personal content and send this to you for approval and any additions or amendments you would like.

Only when you are completely happy that the ceremony outline and the content meets your wishes will we sign off and agree that we are ready for the event.

I offer services unique to you. Ceremonies can be completely non-religious or if you choose, we can add elements of your religion or spirituality. My aim is to help you to organise a meaningful and uplifting ceremony.

Ceremonies often include music, poems, prayers, readings, hymns or your choice of something different. I will help advise you on selecting suitable content to create a more personal service.

The result

The ceremony you have chosen will be personal. It will be presented in a professional manner and will be uplifting, filled with the words, music or rituals chosen by you. You will be confident in the ceremony because you have decided exactly what you want and how you want it to be