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Wedding Celebrant for couples of all faiths and none

What Celebrant?

Choosing who will conduct your wedding ceremony can be very confusing. Couples are not always sure if they can marry in a ceremony that will honour their own beliefs and values.

Barbara Campbell, Wedding Celebrant

All Welcome…

… you have complete freedom and flexibility to be married in a way that suits you. You will not be asked to join any organisation or particular faith path leading up to your wedding day for me to hold your ceremony. I honour and respect people of all faiths and none and often hold mixed faith services and completely non-religious services.


You are ready to plan your wedding and thinking of a ceremony unique to you. You will also be thinking of choosing a location perfect for your day. Have your wedding ceremony, whenever you like, where you like. As your Wedding Celebrant, I am here to guide you through all of your options and will take great pleasure in being involved in your special day.


Rituals and Handfasting


Music and Hymns


Readings and Poems




Beliefs and Spirituality


Fun and Entertaining

I love meeting with couples…

…to work closely with them to create a ceremony that reflects their personalities, their depth of love for each other and their beliefs if they have any. The options to create a truly personal wedding ceremony are limitless.

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